you gave me a home

i was so alone, i owe you so much

good day!
黒執事♫ (^ ^)/

hello, LJ! :) this is my new account because I detest my old username, haha.
I figured I'd better do an introduction post because it's a pretty obvious thing to do.
So yeah, I'm Amie/18/England, you can find my interests and so on out from my profile (where you can also find me on other websites, if you so wish), but in short I like anime, manga, video games, general nerdy crap, jrock, jpop, and kpop. 

I have no idea what I'm going to use this account for other than stalking comms, but some of it will be friends only, some private, some public. I am slightly tempted to start posting my fics here, but that would involve actually writing them first. I might occasionally post entries in either Japanese or German, also, but the majority of those will be private.

This is, of course, assuming that I ever post anything at all.

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Ah, the SID community! I take it you like their music, then?

I roll across the keyboard. It's a bit of work involving a lot of backspacing, but it's a great workout.

I do a little bit, yes! :D

You don't need to work out. You're an egg, get a hold of yourself!

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