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you gave me a home

i was so alone, i owe you so much

8 August
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Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ my name is Amie, I'm an 19 year old fangirl and I live in the North of England!
My birthday is August 8th, a.k.a Axel day, making me a Leo. I love being a Leo and there is no logical reason for me to love it except that Nepeta is subsequently my patron troll.
I'm not really sure there's much point in me having a bio section because all of my interests are listed on here anyway but I'll just ramble about myself 8)
I'm a first year university student, studying Japanese and German. When I'm not bogged down with work in three different languages, I spend a lot of my time on tumblr and twitter or annoying the crap out of my friends, online and off. Can't stop won't stop.
I really, really, really love SID; they're my favourite band ever. I'm also partial to a bit of fall out boy and anxiously anticipate their eventual return, not that I entirely believe it's ever going to happen. Thanks to my friends, I'm also a pretty big SHINee fan as of late, although I don't really have a bias and I'm kind of tsundere about being a shawol.
If you're adding me because you know me from another site, please let me know! :)